Issues with the foiling arms of the AC75 vessels have set Team New Zealand's America's Cup preparations back, but a solution to the problem has been found.

There has been speculation about issues with the 75-foot foiling monohull design to be raced in the 2021 America's Cup, with the issues potentially setting back planning as far as three months.

Speaking to, Team NZ's Ray Davies said suffering setbacks simply came with trying to push the boundaries of the sport.

"If you don't do that the boats will be slow. We are working our way through the solution and the problem has been resolved. The new boards are under construction now and we will see how the next 12 months plays out."


Team NZ and challenger of record Luna Rossa shared the responsibility of one-part components, with Luna Rossa in charge of the arms and Team NZ handling the foil cant system.

However, the foil arms haven't stood up to tests for the massive loads involved with the vessels.

"It has set us back a few months back for sure, but breaking foils in the America's Cup is not new – we did it in the last campaign – and we are pushing the boundaries on all these items. So it was a setback but not a major one – we can overcome it," Davies told

Davies added Team NZ and Luna Rossa designers have come together to put together a solution which is now being implemented.

Davies suggested the introduction of two late entries from Malta and the United States could also affect the scheduling with the first world series regatta set for Cagliari, Italy in October.

"We are working hard to make sure we make the right decisions so that the teams and the boats can be ready to race safely," Davies said.

"It's important that all the teams get time to get to grips with this new concept of boat. Eleven crew is a lot of crew and certainly we are going to be pushing these boats blooming hard."