Stoked episode 36 is live and it's full of spicy content! And by spicy we mean spicey like Qkweeeeen Genie Bouchard (not an actual queen FYI) being called the "face of millennial living" by none other than ASB Classic tournament director Karl Budge.

Why is Karl talking about Genie Bouchard, you ask? Because she's coming to Aotearoa, you brilliant people! If you haven't heard of her, give her 'gram a wee peruse, she's a big deal.

For all "face of millennial living" chat, plus an expose on Louis' "gamesmanship" on the footy field, we strongly suggest you click play on the little box below.

Warning: May contain some coarse language and adult themes, recommended to ages 18+

Further topics encountered include:

The University Australian Rules Football Club is Grand Final-bound baby. (2:40)

The face of millennial living Genie Bouchard is coming to hang out.. and play tennis. (8:40)


The outstanding news from the NZ surfing community, cannot and will not stop! Fizz up people, we're going in! (17:10)

The All Black lost, the country mourns, etc. etc. (23:40)

Wrap and Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson chat - is it a sham, or what? Listen up for the inside word. (28:00)

Cheers ae, and as always, STAY STOKED!

Just to finish us off, a wee public service announcement as follows:

In case you didn't know we're actually coming at you with episode 33 of the series, (we know you knew, you're an intelligent Stoked listener). If this one tickles your fancy you can catch the backlog on Apple podcasts here, and iHeartRadio here.