Top motocross freestyler Blake "Bilko" Williams used to be able to count his broken bones on his fingers and toes.

Now, with a running tally of 27 breaks, fractures and dislocations, the Australian star of flips and tricks has not only run out of toes to count his injuries on - the ones he has are pretty banged up.

There are titanium pins in six of his 10 toes, plates in his collar-bone, reconstructed knees and shoulders and an ankle that is due a complete rebuild.

His hospital file details more than 18 surgeries and is overflowing with X-rays that catalogue 27 broken bones - but Bilko said there's nothing in the world that will keep him off his bike.

Blake "Bilko" Williams won the Best Trick competition in Australia last week. Photo / Supplied

The master of the jaw-dropping 360 trick and cliffhanger backflip will show off his signature moves in New Zealand this month at the Monster Energy SX event at Mt Smart Stadium.

"I can't wait to get out there and throw it down. It's choreographed mayhem and it's one hell of a show. There are no safety nets."

"I've been doing it for 15 years and if I wasn't doing it I'd just be sitting there thinking about doing it," he said.

The full-time rider has purpose-built ramps in his backyard and fellow FMX star and best mate Cam Sinclair lives five minutes down the road.

"I had a small tip-over yesterday in the backyard so have a bit of a wrist injury but I am looking forward to coming out to New Zealand," Bilko said.

"It's only a minor one but I'll have to see once the swelling goes down."

That minor injury could take Bilko's broken bone count to 30 - a number he reckons would be higher if he didn't have a "concrete head" and the ability to land on his feet "like a cat".

"I have only had one minor concussion which is pretty unheard of in this sport - I have a concrete head," Bilko said.

"When you mess things up with a flip trick you want to get rotated so you are feet first and the bike doesn't land on you.

"I'm like a cat, I always land on my feet."

He got the nickname Bilko from his dad who said as a kid Williams always thought he was in charge, like Steve Martin's character in the comedy Sergeant Bilko.

He's known for his mad antics off the track but as soon as he is on his bike he is focused and professional.

And despite taking all precautions against accidents he said he always "give it his all".

Blake "Bilko" Williams performs his signature Cliffhanger backflip. Photo / Supplied

The worst of Bilko's injuries was a multiple break ankle injury that was complicated with a staph infection.

He's had eight surgeries to repair the now-fused bones in his ankle and has more planned.

"That one is going to require the bone to be sawn open and rebuilt and will take a year so I'll get that fixed when I retire."

Until then, it is business as usual for the extreme sportsman.

Last week he won the Monster Energy Best Trick competition in Australia and he's planning on doing it all again in Auckland.

Bilko is one of a number of the world's best supercross and freestyle motocross riders who will compete at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium on November 24.

The event is the largest off-road motorcycling series outside the US; 6000 tonnes of dirt will be trucked into the venue for it.

The event is the second and final round of the Monster Energy S-X Open Supercross FIM Oceania Championship following a round in Australia.