It's the race that stops a nation. And it could mean some cash in your pocket.

Join the fun of Melbourne Cup day at your workplace or at home by downloading the Herald's sweep chart.

Download the chart by clicking here:

The Herald's Melbourne Cup Sweep Chart.
The Herald's Melbourne Cup Sweep Chart.

The main race is set to start at 5pm (NZT), with Internal Affairs warning bosses on how to keep their sweepstakes by the book.


Office sweepstake prize money cannot exceed $500, which means tickets can cost not more than $20.88.

And for anyone with an entrepreneurial streak, any money raised must be returned as prizes and no one is allowed to profit from organising the sweepstake.

Violating these regulations could incur a fine of up to $1000.

And beware of offering banned prizes. Firearms, liquor, tobacco and vouchers for sex services are all prohibited.

"If you are thinking of running a sweepstake you can – the hurdles are not too hard and make a lot of sense— but do make sure you understand and comply with the rules," the DIA warned yesterday.