Quade Cooper fired a shot at Queensland Reds coach Brad Thorn as he prepares to join the Melbourne Rebel for next year's Super Rugby season.

And normally that would be enough to send tongues wagging.

Thorn refused to play Cooper this season, leaving the former Wallabies star to ply his trade in club rugby while being paid more than $600,000.

Rugby.com.au is reporting Cooper has signed with the Rebels for the 2019 Super Rugby season with an announcement expected this week.


The 30-year-old posted a not-so-subtle message on social media with an image of him fending away former All Blacks lock Thorn during the 2011 Rugby World Cup semi-final.

"Sometimes you are forced out of the place you love but thank god there's more than one place that loves me," Cooper wrote.

But that's only half the story.

Cooper's stinging jab was big news in the rugby world and one Reddit user wanted to be the one to share it with the news aggregation site.

They took a screengrab of Cooper's post, but in their haste appeared to forget to close the other tabs that were open in their internet browser.

And that's where it got hilariously awkward.

Check out the second tab. Photo / Reddit
Check out the second tab. Photo / Reddit

Hats off to the person in question if it was intentional — which it appears to be given the third tab is an in-joke about the bias referee Nigel Owens is accused of showing when officiating All Blacks games.

But if not, it's not as though it was poorly received.


"I love everything about this," another user responded. "Quade sounds optimistic, the photo he posted is perfect, people are searching for nudes of Pocock, it's all just beautiful."