Deontay Wilder has given fans a small preview of what he plans to do to Tyson Fury... by knocking out a giant mascot on American TV.

The American is set to face The 'Gypsy King' on December 1 in Las Vegas and has been going face to face with his opponent in press conferences to promote the fight.

In the absence of his heavyweight challenger during an appearance on the Spanish speaking programme Nacion ESPN however, Wilder had to make do with a moustachioed behemoth complete with sombrero, and a rubber dummy.

First to feel the full force of the Bronze Bomber was the show's unfortunate costume wearer, who was decked by the 32-year-old with such power that one of the eyes on the outfit flew off.


Wisely staying down for the 10-count, Wilder then moved on to berating his next victim.

"I'm gonna beat you, you little gypsy king. I'ma knock you out,' he said, addressing a rubber dummy.

"I can't wait til December the first. The people is in for a treat.

"I said I was gonna knock you out. I've just got one question. When I knock your body on the canvas, which foot do you want me to step over you with? The right or the left?

"I'll let you decide."

Fury is also in Los Angeles to promote the fight. He boasted on his Instagram story that he was winning the mental battles during the press conferences, of which the pair have now held three.

"I took Deontay Wilder to school today for the fourth time," he told his followers.

"We've only had three press conferences but already I'm 4-0 up because that was a 10-8 round."