Argentina will take something into Sunday's clash against the All Blacks that is often lacking when they face the World Cup winners - confidence.

While Argentina have never beaten the All Blacks with just one draw from their past 27 encounters, they will have the rare occurrence of facing the men in black having come off a win - and the All Blacks having lost their last test.

Before the start of the current Rugby Championship season, the Pumas had recorded just three wins in six years. Following victories over South Africa in Mendoza and Australia on the Gold Coast, a shock result over the All Blacks would double that tally.

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All Blacks assistant coach Ian Foster said viewing from the outside, it seemed like the Pumas are playing with belief.

"I can only comment from the outside and what I've seen is a team that's just beat South Africa and just beat Australia so we haven't done that. We beat Australia but we haven't beaten South Africa yet.

"So I would say they are feeling pretty good and they are certainly playing like that. They're playing with a lot of belief and a lot of confidence and I guess in their game.

"We've always enjoyed watching Argentina play. I like the way they play. They play with plenty of passion and heart and a lot of skill. So in someways we've been delighted they've got the results they've been striving for and our goal now is to make sure they don't get another one."

Three weeks ago, the All Blacks won their last encounter against Argentina 46-24 and have record 14 straight double digit victories over the Pumas.

Asked by a local journalist if Argentina were close to a 'historical victory' over the All Blacks, Foster wasn't prepared to give the home side any odds but said New Zealand had to play at a high level to deny the Pumas a famous win.

"If we don't do what we need to do than that historical victory could be very close. We're very aware that we've got to as good as we need to be. We got pushed hard in Nelson. We've got nothing but respect and we've got a clear understanding of how tough it's going to be on Saturday."