When was the last time you heard about an athlete winning a championship from hospital?

Well, Brian Yu did just that when he led his Rangitoto College esports team to a second straight title last weekend, just hours after having unexpected lung surgery.

Yu, who plays under the screen name Somnus, logged in from his hospital bed to join his teammates in the LoL High School League (HSL) grand final against Mt Albert Grammar.

Brushing off his medical concerns, the Rangitoto captain delivered a great individual performance and delivered a number of impressive kills in the first game of the best-of-three series.

Rangitoto College captain Brian Yu at Auckland's e-sports studio. Photo / Supplied
Rangitoto College captain Brian Yu at Auckland's e-sports studio. Photo / Supplied

Although admitting that it wasn't easy, Yu said he was proud to be part of his team's success.

"Playing from hospital was kind of a disaster ... but I felt responsible to carry the team all the way through," Yu told the Herald.

"They were so surprised that I could still play from the hospital ... I was just using my laptop and the hospital wifi so I'm just glad that we still won."

Rangitoto College Head of Esports Stephen Gardiner described Yu's effort as inspirational.

"Somnus's [Yu] performance was very important, he played from hospital with a tube in his chest," Gardiner said.

"To still be able to perform well in the final, both in the game and with the ban picks - this led to the team success.

"It means a lot, it shows that our school is the best in esports in the whole country without a doubt and we can bring esports to the entire school."

The win, which secured the team's spot in next months trans-Tasman finals, ensured that Rangitoto will start next year's opening split as the team to beat.

The high school side will compete in Sydney against the South Australian schools champion on October 20.