Week 5 of the LPL NBA 2K18 1on1 Championship brought viewers three epic showdowns between the North Island final 4: Shakor "Te_Shakor_Paki" Paki, Zane "stonecoldkilla" Scott, Paul "Zirinic" Cooper and Jahkel "Notorious-God" Mita.

Each player aimed to be one step closer to the LPL Grand Finals as the North Island representative later this month, but only two could progress to the North Island Conference finals on the 23rd of September.

The first match of the afternoon saw reigning champ Te_Shakor_Paki take on stonecoldkilla, who infamously knocked out fan-favourite Campbell "airbrn" Knowles in Week 1 of the North Island Elite. Stonecoldkilla picked to play as the Golden State Warriors, whilst Te_Shakor_Paki picked the Cleveland Cavaliers.

At half time the score read 22-11 to Paki, a solid lead for the start of game 1. Stonecoldkilla crept back up with 28-21 to Paki at the top of the 4th quarter, but ultimately Paki held on to wrap up the game 39-29 fulltime.


Game two saw a switch-up in terms of teams, with Paki picking the Houston Rockets and stonecoldkilla opting to play as the San Antonio Spurs. By the end of the first quarter scores were tied 7-7, but Paki created distance with a 16-12 score in favour of the Rockets at half time. Tensions rose with a 27-24 end of the 3rd quarter, but Paki dominated the final quarter to sprint to a 40-27 win at full time and secure his spot in the North Island conference finals.

The second showdown of the day pitched Paul "Zirinic" Cooper up against Jahkel "Notorious-God" Mita, playing as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors respectively. Half time boasted a close match of 27-21, creeping even closer with a 34-33 scoreboard to Notorious at the top of the 4th quarter. However, his reign was cut short by the end of the match, falling 51-46 to Zirinic.

Game two saw no change to the teams that players picked, sticking with the Cavs and GSW. At half time the scores read 24-23 to Notorious after a tight first two quarters, but Zirinic chased the score to pull a 35-33 upper hand.

A third and final game was played to determine the second winner of the day and the final player to continue on in the tournament. Zirinic picked Cavs once again whilst Notorious opted for the Houston Rockets. This proved to be an excellent play, as Notorious claimed half time at 19-15, top of the 4th with 30-22 and full time at 40-31.

The LPL conference final will see Notorious-God vs. Te_Shakor_Paki duke it out for the title of Best NBA 2K18 player in the North Island and the opportunity to represent in the Ultimate Grand Final, versing their South Island counterpart, on September 30.

Event: LPL Pro NBA 2K18 1on1 NZ Championship
Game: NBA 2K18
When: Every Sunday, 2:30pm, July 21-September 30
Watch: Maori TV and www.Twitch.tv/letsplay.live