Former English cricket captain Michael Vaughan sparked a mass debate on social media after he tweeted that cricket would be changing the phrase 'man of the match' to 'player of the match'.

Vaughan slammed the alleged change of terminology on Twitter last Friday posting: "So we now have 'player of the match' in cricket rather than 'man of the match' even when 22 Men are playing !!!! The world is officially going bloody nuts".

Vaughan's tweet received more than 700 comments with fans split on their opinions about barring the word "man".

"You'd rather still have man of the match in a women's match? Sounds a bit odd - the neutral term surely stops any objections - like we have firefighters now, not firemen, headteachers not headmasters. No big deal?" one user wrote.


"I'd rather have a man of the match in a men's game and a woman of the match in a women's game, simple as that!!" another wrote.

While many fans engaged in the heated thread of tweets, of course, there were some who saw the funny side.

"I wonder if the Spice Girls will now become the Spice people? Fairs fair and all that," one user posted.

The change is yet to be officially confirmed by any national cricket board.