Rudolph "Blaze" Ingram is a six-year-old with a six pack who does it all.

According to his Instagram account – run by his father – he plays American football, is a fitness model, and runs the 100m in 14.59 seconds, among other things.

Let me repeat, he's six.

And now the kid with a better body than me (a 25-year-old "man") is getting noticed thanks to a viral video of him absolutely schooling some poor mere mortals in a game of flag football.


In the video, Rudolph (I'll refer to him by his first name because he is a child) absolutely destroys the rest of the children with steps and moves that Shaun Johnson would be proud of.

Warning: video may cause you to tear your ACL and reconsider your life choices.

Here's a video of Rudolph doing drills with a football that is significantly larger than his head (Spoiler: it doesn't matter - he's a God):

Rudolph has also gotten the seal of approval from the best athlete on the planet, LeBron James.

"Sheesh!!" wrote the King on Instagram. "Man he shifty as hell and the fact his was switching the ball to his other hand on the right side away from the defender is even more impressive."

@kingjames Thanks Bro Much Love

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Bonus video: LeBron James playing flag football with Kevin Durant (it will blow your mind).

Rudolph Ingram, remember the name.