Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Steven Adams.

The Kiwi NBA star has been turned into a comic book hero

In a video posted by the Oklahoma City Thunder, comic artist Corey Lewis Reyyy showcases his creation called Kiwi Legend which is being sold at the famed Comic-Con event this week.

"I love sports. I love stuff where humans are in some kind of game with rules but they strive to push the boundaries and be the best. So with Steven I like that kind of perspective," Reyyy says.


"He's a really cool character to write and to draw.

Reyyy explains comic version Adams is "a salt of the Earth fella who's struggling". "He's really tough but he has to learn stuff as we all do. He's got a really interesting family which is amazing," he added.

Adams is a noted fan of comics and Japanese Anime revealing last year that he was too busy watching cartoons to take note of the opening game of the NBA season.