Football is officially coming home. Well, that's the theme increasingly clogging up social media feeds since England's penalty shoot-out win over Colombia on Wednesday.

And the memes are brilliant.

For the first time in the social media era it looks like England actually have a chance of winning the World Cup and the whole nation is losing its mind.

So before England's dreams come crashing down around them with a penalty shoot-out loss to Sweden tomorrow morning, let's rank the best of the 'Football's coming home' memes.


(Don't know what the heck 'Football's coming home' means? Click here for the 'dummies guide')

10. Whitney?

9. Hot Stuff

8. Flippin' Shrek!

7. Jordan Pickford >>>> Jordan Belfort

6. Top 5 contender

5. I see happy people

4. Hope is a good thing, the best of things...


3. Simply the best

2. Too good

1. And the winner is โ€ฆ