Kiwi sailors Andy Maloney and Josh Junior have locked on to the way of the future.

After winning the America's Cup with Team New Zealand last year, the two have jumped back into the Olympic sailing arena with their eyes on competing at the Games.

However only one of them will make the trip to Tokyo in 2020.

Maloney, who raced the 2016 campaign in the laser class, has switched to the Finn for this cycle, putting him in direct competition with Junior - as countries can only have one representative in the class at the Games.


It might create some underlying tension for some people, but not for Maloney and Junior.

"We've set it up really well," Maloney explained. "We've both bought into a sort of agreement in the way we're running the campaign...We're both really keen to help each other improve as much as possible with the idea that which ever one of us goes to the Games, we'll have a really good chance of winning a medal.

"We see this as sort of a way of the future, even in individual sports. To get to the top you need a really good training partner that you trust and helps and sort of complements your weaknesses as well."

However, before worrying about that, the pair have to earn the country a spot at the Olympics, which they'll look to do at the World Championships in Denmark next month. The Kiwis need to be in the top eight nations to earn a qualification spot.

Maloney said the pair were remaining open-minded knowing one of them would be unable to go to the Olympics if they secured a qualification spot, with the experience benefitting them in more than just their Olympics campaigns.

"We both see it as a great way to keep our sailing skills really sharp and be really fresh and be the best sailors we can be going into the next America's Cup.

"Even though one of us doesn't go to the games and get that shot of winning a medal, there'll definitely be in the best shape possible to be on the race boat for the America's Cup to help defend that trophy. So it's win-win for the other guy as well, and it's a pretty cool experience along the way."