The Kiwis halves pairing of Kodi Nikorima and Te Maire Martin will have an extra challenge tomorrow against England, due to the special nuances of Mile High Stadium in Denver.

The young combination already have a lot on their plate, having to guide a New Zealand team laden with debutants through the match.

But the spectacular home of the Denver Broncos add an additional test for the playmakers.

The field is narrower – around two to three metres – than a normal NRL set up, and also features tiny in goal areas.


Adding to that, the surface is quick, like a putting green at Augusta National, which means the kicks won't hold up as they normally would.

"The field is a little bit smaller," observed Kiwis assistant coach Ben Gardiner after the captain's run on Saturday. "It's definitely a little bit shorter in terms of the width, and the in goals."

It means that Nikorima and Martin will need to be extra precise, both with their clearing kicks and fifth tackle plays close to the line.

"It's about making sure our kicking game is on song," said Gardiner. "If you are kicking long you need to be careful you are not kicking towards the in goal and more towards the touch line. Also look at bombs rather than balls into the in goals…the in goals are quick and the surface is very quick."

Nikorima (eight tests) and Martin (three) are relatively experienced compared to the rest of the backline, and played together at test level before.

They've also both featured in NRL Grand finals, and need to bring poise and organization to their work against an experienced England unit.

"We have told them to play their natural game," said Gardner. "They communicate really well together, there is a combination there and they are both in relatively good form for their clubs."

The Kiwis' first experience at the stadium on Saturday was a positive one, with Gardiner saying they were blown away by the size and grandeur of the venue.

"It was a fantastic opportunity," said Gardiner. "We were able to experience the vibe of the stadium. The surface is unreal and the dressing sheds are four or five times the size of the [ones] at Mt Smart, with all of the paraphernalia from the Denver Broncos. Seating is very steep on the sides so it is a cauldron like atmosphere."

The team also took a chance to throw some NFL balls – with Marty Taupau a standout as he hurled some huge throws – and take photos on the iconic field.

"The test is special as it is, especially for the debutants, but even more spectacular in a stadium like this," said Gardiner. "This is the best stadium I've have ever been to."

The ground holds 76,000 people, with promoters hoping between 25,000-30,000 curious fans will attend the match.

The game kicks off at 8am (NZT) on Sunday morning.