The Wallabies want answers from officials about whether Ireland's "blocking lines" preventing Israel Folau a clean run to catch high balls is legal heading into tomorrow night's series decider in Sydney.

Ireland squared the three-test encounter 1-1 by winning in Melbourne last weekend, shutting down Folau's aerial threat by impeding his runs for attacking high kicks.

"If I look at some of the escorting lines or blocking lines that Ireland put in, they used two or three player and it seemed quite specific that they were out there trying to impede Israel's run," said Wallabies attack coach Stephen Larkham.

"So when you're starting to put two players in one position it obviously opens up space elsewhere on the field, so I'm not too concerned."


Larkham said Ireland's tactics would be raised at their meeting with the referees before tomorrow's finale at Allianz Stadium in Sydney.

"It's in our head so it's something we're going to have to sit down with the referees and discuss, they might have a different opinion," Larkham said. "Every team in world rugby uses it, every team in Super Rugby uses it as well.

"But for us it's one; getting the kicks accurate so our chasers aren't running between two or three guys, and then two; bringing it to the referee's attention just to make sure everything is legal there.

"There was a particular reference to that before the game from the referees towards us, so it was a little bit disappointing that the referees as a group of four missed some of the off-the-ball stuff which was quite significant," Larkham said.

After winning 18-9 in Brisbane, the Wallabies lost 26-21 last weekend, which was Ireland's first win on Australian soil since 1979.

"Ireland did a fantastic job slowing the ball down, and again you look at their tactics and say 'Is it something we need to bring up with the referee'?" Larkham said.

"That mentality of us sitting in front is one we've got to get comfortable with, now we're sort of coming from behind again because we've lost that game.

"I expect there will be really good fight in the team this week, it's really good preparation for the World Cup isn't it? Coming up against the second best team in the world, with their strongest team on the paddock, we're going to make a few changes this week. It'll be really good to see the resolve of the guys."