A French trotting race has ended with the bizarre scene of a horse and driver neck deep in a pond of water just seconds after horses crossed the finishing line.

Race 4 at the Agen La Garenne racecourse on Saturday looked like just another trotting race until cameras showed and driver Richard-William Denechère using his sulky as a life raft after his horse, Cho Land Derozes, ran in to a pond in the middle of the track.

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While most of the field for race four were pulling up after completing the 2625m event, Denechère stood on the shafts of his sulky in a desperate attempt to stay above water as Cho Land Derozes waded around the sizeable pond on the track's infield.


Cameras showed Denechère standing on the horse's sulky and leaning over its back to try to steer Cho Land Derozes to safety.

He would eventually succeed and the horse would wander out of the pond.

Denechère was then unceremoniously dumped to the ground when the horse came to a halt.

A rival driver and other onlookers rushed to aide the drenched horse and driver, who both came through the incident unscathed.

The incident completed what was a terribly unlucky race for Cho Land Derozes and Denechère.

The pair were denied clear racing room in the home straight and had to settle for an unlucky fifth placing.

Cho Land Derozes went to the finishing line hard on the back of the winners, Cetaquati and Jean Christophe Sorel.

Cho Land Derozes and Denechère's wet and wild finish to their race can be attributed to a horror moment prior to the finish.


It is believed Denechère dropped one of his reins when trying to activate his horse's sliding blinds.

Denechère can be seen struggling to steer his horse in the final seconds of the race.

With no control of his charge, the driver was a passenger as Cho Land Derozes took a major and unexpected detour towards the infield lake.

Thankfully horse and driver came through the bizarre chain of events in good order.

There was one bonus to come from the incident.

Unlike the rest of the field, Cho Land Derozes did not require a wash after the race.

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