English batsman Jos Buttler faces a reprimand from the International Cricket Council after an offensive message written on his bat was caught on camera.

During day three of England's Test against Pakistan, television cameras picked up the words 'f**k it' written on the top of Buttler's bat.

And although social media users found the message hilarious, Buttler now faces potential punishment from the ICC, who state all "personal messages" must be approved in advance by the governing body in accordance with the clothing and equipment rules and regulations.

Buttler, who revealed that he marked each of his bats with the same words, said the message served as a reminder to enjoy the game and not put too much pressure on his performances.


"I think it's just something that reminds me of what my best mindset is when I'm playing cricket, and probably in life as well," Buttler told Metro after England's victory at Headingley.

"It's just a good reminder when I'm in the middle when I'm questioning myself, and it brings me back to a good place.

"It puts cricket in perspective. When you 'nick off', does it really matter?"

England drew their series with Pakistan ending a sequence of six defeats in eight Tests.