Under pressure England rugby coach Eddie Jones has defended his notoriously tough camps after coming under criticism this week due to a mounting injury toll.

The Telegraph newspaper reports that 15 players have sustained injuries during England camps, five from the Bath rugby club which has angered team owner Bruce Craig.

Following the latest injury to Bath prop Beno Obano, Craig stated that the number of injuries was "totally unacceptable" and added "there has got to be significant questions asked about duty of care", adding "what is going on in the camp?".

Jones has strongly defended his style of training however, telling BBC Radio 5 Live that test rugby calls for a more intense training method.


"I haven't seen any figures to suggest they are [unacceptable]," said Jones.

"No one within our staff has suggested they are, but Bruce is obviously an expert on training-ground injuries, so I'll have to be subservient to his greater knowledge."

"The intensity and the speed of the game is far greater in international rugby, and therefore the preparation you have to have to play test rugby has to be more intense than club rugby," Jones continued.

"That doesn't downgrade club rugby at all, it's just a different level of rugby."

England play a three-test series against South Africa starting next weekend where they look to make history by winning their first ever series in the Republic.