Merseyside police are investigating death threats made against Liverpool's goalkeeper Loris Karius following his Champions League final howlers.

It comes after social media hate messages included sickening posts such as "I hope your whole family dies".

There has been a range of responses aournd the world after the German gifted two goals to Real Madrid, whose 3 - 1 victory in Kiev also included Gareth Bale's extraordinary overhead goal.

A police spokesperson told The Telegraph: "The force takes social media posts of this nature extremely seriously and any offences identified will be investigated."


In his latest Tweet, Karius said: "Haven't really slept until now... the scenes are still running through my head again and again..."

Some post-match analysis has concentrated on a shoulder charge Karius received from notorious Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos just before the first goalkeeping howler.

About two minutes later, Karius threw the ball too close to Real Madrid striker Benzema, wh thrust out al eg to score the final's opening goal. He also let a long range shot from Bale slip past his grasp for Real Madrid's third goal.

Former Liverpool player Jermaine Pennant was among the critics, saying he was gutted for the players and fans apart form Karius.

But he has received ocnsierable support and empathy form fans who want the distraught goalkeeper to keep his head up.