Hockey New Zealand has selected its group of players for the Pathway to Podium (P2P) programme for 2018/19.

The Pathway to Podium (P2P) programme is a partnership between High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) and Hockey NZ, designed to support the preparation of our athletes for the physical and mental demands of the high-performance sport environment.

This year sees the start of a new P2P model which supports both athlete and coach development at this level, with the athlete support delivered as a blend of camp based hockey specific support and a regional delivery of strength, conditioning and athlete life.

The new model will also allow Hockey NZ coaches to spend more quality time with identified athletes and service providers in environments designed to better develop the potential to be successful senior athletes.

The program focuses on supporting these athletes to prepare for high performance through the following:

- Sport specific development at hockey specific development camps

- Education about the requirements and demands of high performance sport

- Preparation for transition into high performance

- A blend of education and educational support in key areas of athlete performance support

The P2P program gets underway this week with the first training camp being delivered in Hawkes Bay from the 23-27 May.

Pathway to Podium - 2018/19 Athletes


Jordan Cohen (Central)

Callum Dempster (Southern)

Adam Kailea (Auckland)

Harrison Lawson (Central)

Nicholas Lidstone (Canterbury)

Timothy Neild (Midlands)

Tim Schulpen (Canterbury)

Dylan Stevenson (North Harbour)

Gus Wakeling (Canterbury)

Finn Ward (Southern)


Bella Ambrosius (Canterbury)

Jess Anderson (Canterbury)

Anna Crowley (Central)

Katie Doar (Auckland)

Charlotte Lee (Canterbury)

Sophie Morrison (Midlands)

Jessica Pilmer (Northland)

Hope Ralph (Central)

Olivia Shannon (Central)

Emily Wium (Canterbury)

Pathway to Podium - 2018/19 Coaches

Hymie Gill (Northland)

James Coughlan (North Harbour)

Kat Henry (North Harbour)

Shaun Matthews (Auckland)

Franki Traini (Auckland)

Reiner Vellinga (Midlands)

Dane Lett (Capital)

Chris Leslie (Canterbury)

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