When you think of surfing, Waco, Texas surely won't be the first place that comes to mind. But Hawaiian surfer Seth Moniz' huge backflip on a new man-made wave might just change that.

With the artificial wave at the WSL Surf Ranch on full display during the Founders' Cup over the weekend, the Barefoot Ski Ranch Surf Resort was brought into the public eye as well.

Developed in Waco by American Wave Machines, the wave is unlike the Surf Ranch in that it offers small sets of three, rather than one single long wave.

Speaking to Surfline.com, surfer Cheyne Magnusson said the wave offers one of the best air sections he's ever seen.


"You take off, you line it up, you wait, and you get the biggest ramp of your life."

Moniz, along with fellow Hawaiian Jamie O'Brien, joined Magnusson in testing the wave at the weekend.

It was expected to be opened to the public later this year.