League of Legends is teaching the gamers at Tauranga Boys' College the value of teamwork.

Their esports club has grown in popularity since the inception of the HSL and they have six teams, two in the Premier Division and four in the Challenger in the ongoing split.

Tauranga Boys' play in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and South Island section.

Their Premier teams are in sixth and seventh place, respectively, after five rounds of competition with three wins and two losses each.


This split marks their first in the HSL and Jonathan Stewart, the teacher in charge of esports at Tauranga Boys', said they had more than 300 gamers at the school.

"The boys are also realizing how important teamwork is in League of Legends," he said.

"If one player is off his game and not being a team player, by being in the wrong place or trying to be a hero, that's usually leading the team to a loss.

"So League of Legends is very strategic and communication is hugely important. The teams doing well keep each other in check."

Stewart said being involved in the HSL ensured their students developed a commitment to being involved in a team sport.

"Our boys are a modest and talented bunch but they are making sacrifices to get to school every Monday evening from 5pm till 8pm.

"Oh, and they do find being live streamed a real hoot."

This year marks TBC's first appearance in the HSL but their strong representation suggests they will remain a competitive school for years to come.

"A lot of boys are asking about joining now and even past students wished this happened for them last year."

Stewart said many of their gamers also played Fortnite but League of Legends required a different skill set.

Tauranga's No 1 team in the Premier Division will meet Christ's College 1, who are 4-1, in today's round of the HSL, while TBC 2 will tackle Upper Hutt College 1 (3-2).

There's 45 teams across New Zealand in the Challenger Division. Tauranga's four teams in Pool 3 are in fourth, fifth, seventh and 13th.

In tonight's televised game in the Premier Division, Lynfield College will meet Avondale College; both teams are 3-2 this season will be looking to add another win to their tally.
The match will begin at 5pm and will be screened live on Sky Sport and streamed online on Twitch.