The ball-tampering saga looks far from over for David Warner as the embattled star seeks evidence before a possible hearing to challenge charges made against him according to a report from Australia.

Warner's legal team has reportedly requested all transcripts from player interviews conducted during Cricket Australia's investigation into the cheating controversy in Cape Town, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The batsman could also ask teammates, coaches and team staff to the stands at an independent hearing if he chooses to challenge the charges laid against him. However, this will be under the appointed commissioner's discretion.

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The report raised questions over Cricket Australia's investigation, claiming a lack of thoroughness and that CA boss Iain Roy may not have conducted interviews with all players and staff.


It is unclear if Warner and his legal team will be provided access to the interview transcripts.

Warner and sacked captain Steve Smith were given 12-month suspensions from all international and domestic cricket, while Cameron Bancroft was banned for nine months.

All three have yet to confirm whether they will take their cases to a hearing and have until Thursday to decide if they will do so.

A prospective hearing is currently set for Aprill 11.

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