Super Rugby fans have taken to social media to share their frustration and confusion over the clashing blue playing kits worn in the Stormers 37-20 win over the Blues this morning.

Both teams took to the field wearing remarkably similar colours, an odd occurrence in professional sport.

Sports teams usually have a home and away playing kit, with the Blues playing predominantly in Blue.

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While the Stormers also play in Blue, they have a white away playing kit in their inventory as well.

Taking to social media, fans expressed their disgust towards Super Rugby for allowing both teams to take to the field in similar colours.

Many explained how difficult it was to tell who was on what team, not to mention how difficult it might have been on the field.

One disgruntled fan asked how it happened with someone responding, "It's well beyond a joke and there has already been some confusion already".

The Blues went down to the Stormers in South Africa this morning. Photo / Getty Images
The Blues went down to the Stormers in South Africa this morning. Photo / Getty Images

Another man, presumably a Stormers fan, asked for the Blues to change their jerseys when they went to the sheds for oranges.

"This is annoying. Kit change from the Blues for the 2nd half please?" he said.

Not all fans thought it was the end of the world though, asking for those complaining to deal with it and others cracking jokes.

A few clever-clogs stated that they were supporting the team donning the blue uniforms, while another made reference to the Smurfs.