The Rolling Thunder tour finishes at Vodafone Speedway Western Springs on Saturday night but organisers are promising an expanded series next summer.

The concept has seen sprint cars, midgets and super saloons visit Palmerston North, Mt Maunganui and now Auckland over the last three weekends but promoter Greg Mosen thinks the success of this year will see it grown to more rounds next summer. "I think the series in its inaugural year has been a good start for us all," Mosen told the Herald.

"The racing has been amazing. The passing and the tracks, everything has been A-okay.

"Next year it will probably balloon out to five rounds so it has been a real success.


"It has just been an extension of what we have learned at Western Springs for the last few years from having it at home.

"Taking it on tour is just an extension of that."

A total prize pool of just under $90,000 for the three rounds is up for grabs and fiercely contested.

The series is close in all three classes and Mosen is pleased to see some different names at the top of the standings.

"It has been great to see the middle runners do so well," he said.

"The likes of Michael Pickens aren't even in the top five.

"Everyone is being tested by these different tracks and being a weekend apart."

Saturday will also be a rare opportunity for Auckland fans to see the super saloons in action. A total of 20 cars will do battle around the track.


"Auckland loves the super saloons," Mosen added.

"It is not something we want to see every week but they love them when they come. Our crowd on Saturday night will be one of the biggest of the year."