Any fleeting hopes of new Breakers co-owner Shawn Marion lacing up for the side in next year's NBL can be put to rest.

The four-time NBA All Star, who was one of nine people involved in the Breakers' new ownership group, told the Herald while his specific role was up in the air, there was no chance he'd be taking to the court.

"Who me? Lace 'em up? Oh no. I play pick up now here and there but other than that, I'm cool, man. I'm at peace with it."

The 2011 NBA champion retired from the league in 2015 after 16 seasons to watch his son grow up and had been toying with the idea of moving into sports ownership since.


"Actually I was looking to maybe being a part owner of a soccer team. I was definitely intrigued about the opportunity to be a sports owner.

"Matt (Walsh) talked to me and I saw the opportunity and it excited me so I thought why not, man. It's another cool adventure for me right now."

Marion, 39, joins fellow ex-NBA player Walsh, former majority owners Paul and Liz Blackwell and a host of others in the newly former ownership group. Walsh was set to be the hands-on owner, relocating to Auckland from the States.

While the specifics of Marion's role were up in the air, he said he would be heading down to Auckland during the team's 2018-19 campaign and was keen to work with some of the players.

"I would love to give advice to anyone who wants it.

"I'm very ecstatic to be a part of the culture of the team there and looking forward to some exciting things to come."

In recent season, the NBL has become more and more popular with fringe NBA players looking to hone their craft. This season, a number of former NBA players have joined the ranks of teams including the Breakers (Rakeem Christmas, Kirk Penney), Melbourne United (Casper Ware, Josh Boone, Carrick Felix, David Andersen), and the Adelaide 36ers (Josh Childress).

While Marion said he wasn't going to be actively recruiting for the team, he'd be keeping an eye out for if anyone was looking for the opportunity to join the club as an import.


"I just want to give everyone the opportunity. Anything is possible."

'Breakers Basketball' – new club owners
•Matthew Walsh - Former NBA and European Basketball player for ten years. Minority owner of Swansea City and Principal at Lewaver Acquisitions.
•Adam Goodman - Partner at Goodman Properties
•Romie Chaudhari - CEO and Managing Principal at Chiron Investments. Owner and Board member of Swansea City
•Dan Katz, Henry Lockwood, and PFT Commenter of number one sports podcast on iTunes, Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports
•Shawn Marion - NBA Champion and future hall of famer
•Paul and Liz Blackwell, former majority owners of the Breakers