Ever wondered what happened to Olympic venues after the Games?

Stunningly haunting images have surfaced to show the derelict remains of past Winter and Summer Olympic stadiums.

Sarajevo 1984

Sarajevo, city of Bosnia-Herzegovia, hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984, however, most of the once stunning venues were destroyed during the Bosnia war.


A ski jump, Olympic athlete accommodation building and a hotel were among the venues ruined and never re-built.

More disturbingly, one of the hotels became a prison and an Olympic podium was used as a place of execution for Bosnian Muslims.

Turin 2006

Bardonecchia, Italy, hosted the second Winter Games were the mighty Germans reigned most successful.

However, the once iconic Olympic village, were top athletes gathered, became a refugee camp home to more than 1,000 migrants.

Berlin 1936

These harrowing images show the abandoned Olympic venues of the Berlin Summer Olympic Games.

The Games were held at the time that Germany was under Nazi ruling.

The halls, which hosted the worlds top athletes, were later used as barracks for the German army and Russian officers.

Rio de Janeiro 2016

Shockingly, in less than two years, many of Rio's Olympic venues have been left to rot.

Very few events were organised at the Olympic Park following the Games, such as the deserted aquatics stadium.

The former official and training pools have been declared dengue and zika virus risk areas as pools of water remain both inside and outside the stadium.

Athens 2004

Greece spent a massive $12 billion when hosting the 2004 Olympic Games.

However, the venues now stand as reflections of Greece's post-2004 economic struggles.

Some of the city's eyesores include the rotting softball and baseball venues.

Cortina D'Ampezzo 1956

The Cortina D'Ampezzo Winter Olympic venue appears to have been frozen in time.

The once covered in snow ski jump venue has seemingly aged well, with lawn underneath were skiers would land their jumps.

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