Black Fern Portia Woodman has taken aim at New Zealand Rugby for dismissing the idea to host a women's tournament concurrently with the men's at the Hamilton Sevens.

Woodman discussed the topic with the Daily Mail at the Sydney Sevens, where for the first time men's and women's sevens world series tournaments were held concurrently and at the same venue.

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"Other countries can either step up and try and mingle it a bit more, and it's the standard here Sydney has set," she said.


"If we keep showing we are as good as we say we are, and we keep performing as well as we do, they can't not let us play at home."

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The 26-year-old criticised NZ Rugby for providing "excuses" for not hosting a women's tournament when New Zealand's leg of the world series take place at Waikato Stadium on February 3-4.

"[The NZRU] have said [it's a lack of] money at the moment, but they can seem to find money for certain things," she said.

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"We'll just keep fighting and doing our thing. It's exciting that they're mixing the boys and girls together, there's no back field, we're all playing on that number one field.

"It's a step towards equality and setting girls on the same standard as the boys."

The Black Ferns claimed victory over Canada in their semi-final at the Sydney women's sevens world series tournament.

They will face Australia on Sunday in the final.

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