It isn't hard to guess what sport people find most boring to watch; chances are it would be within your first three guesses.

But a recent British survey uncovers what most people believe to be true - golf is the most boring sport to watch.

In a bid to discover which sports are the most exciting and boring to watch, YouGov Omnibus asked the British public to rate whether a sport was exciting, or boring.

Seventeen sports were selected with the results concluding that Brits find 12 of them more boring than exciting.


According to the Brits, athletics, tennis, football, gymnastics and rugby union are the only sports that a majority find more exciting than boring.

In terms of most boring, golf topped the survey with a whopping lead of 11 per cent over the second most boring sport.

Seventy per cent of voters thought that golf was the most boring, American football second (59 per cent) with cricket and darts third-equal (58 per cent).

In terms of sports most interesting to the Brits, athletics came out on top.

47 per cent of those who have watched it found it thrilling and entertaining.

It is followed in second-equal with tennis and football claiming 43 per cent each.

While it is seen as the most exciting sport, football also has the most divisive support.

Opinions are nearly evenly matched with 40 per cent of people finding it boring - it also has the lowest percentage of people who find it neither boring nor exciting with 14 per cent.

The survey also uncovered that rugby union was more exciting than rugby league.

Of those who have watched the sports, 41 per cent of people find union exciting whereas only 34 per cent find league exciting.