When Joseph Parker steps in the ring against Anthony Joshua, have no illusions about what he's setting out to do.

As contracts draw nearer and nearer to being finalised, Parker told the Telegraph his "sole mission is to smash to bits the man with the glass chin."

Parker and Joshua have been in talks for a heavyweight title unification bout for months. Both men are undefeated, and three belts – Parker's WBO, plus the Joshua's WBA and IBF belts – will be on the table for the first time ever in a heavyweight unification fight.

Over the past few weeks, Parker's camp have ramped up their trash-talk, claiming Joshua had a glass chin.


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Parker told the Telegraph on his way to London that he and his team just "delivered the facts."

"All we have said is that Joshua has a glass chin," Parker said. "We know it, he knows it, everybody knows it, they just don't talk about it. We saw him get dropped by Wladimir Klitschko but he still had the heart to get up and finish the fight – I'll give him that – but if I catch him and hurt him I'm not going to give him the chance to recover.

"I won't be letting him off the hook. If I get him in the trouble Klitschko had him in, there is no chance for him. I'll go in fast, I'll go in hard, and I'll go in for the kill. He won't be able to recover against me."

Anthony Joshua has won all 20 of his professional bouts by knockout. Photo / Photosport
Anthony Joshua has won all 20 of his professional bouts by knockout. Photo / Photosport

Paker, who was still to sign his side of the agreement, said he was going into the fight with next to no pressure on him and all eyes would be on Joshua.

The Britton has won all 20 of his professional bouts by way of knockout. However, Parker said every one had been in Joshua's favour.

"I feel like the team has done a great job to get under his skin. The truth is that all the fights he has had from the beginning [of his career] have been in his favour, and he's had everything his way.

"I think if my team had not come up with a plan we wouldn't be talking about this fight coming up."

Parker, who is undefeated in 24 bouts, will likely go into the fight with the underdog tag, but said if he wins it won't be an upset,

"I feel if I win it will not be a shock. I do think it is my time and I'll come there confident in my ability. I genuinely believe I can knock him out and there is no pressure where I'm standing right now. There is no expectation on me, no pressure.

"All I'm focused on is being in great shape, training hard and doing my best to knock him out and catch his glass jaw," Parker said.

"This is my sole mission: to smash to bits the man with the glass chin. Our team has come up with this feeling and this theory that he has a glass chin and my goal is to smash his glass chin, crack it and see if he can withstand the punches that are coming his way. I really can't wait for this fight."