Fancy a spot of outhouse racing or perhaps a friendly game of wife carrying to kill some time?

You're not the only one.

A new study has revealed the world's (or at least the UK's) weirdest sports, with contests ranging from self-explanatory to downright baffling.

According to Greg Tatton-Brown from Online Casino, who carried out the study to launch their Play Absurd campaign, enthusiasm for more absurd activities is growing.


"From bog snorkelling in Wales to egg tossing in Lincolnshire, the UK is a hotbed of inventive sporting activities which seek to test our physical endurance as well as the limits of our imagination whilst building friendships that last a lifetime," Tatton-Brown told The Sun.

Only 53 per cent of the 2000 people surveyed were able to identify the sport of "wife carrying" by a description of its objective, which challenges contestants to carry their spouse through a series of increasingly difficult obstacles.

Bossaball proved even more baffling, with only 17 per cent of those surveyed able to identify the sport, which has an inflatable court and use of trampolines to score points against your opponent.

Over two-thirds of respondents had no idea what you would use a braffin for, and only five per cent linked the piece of apparatus to gurning, where participants are required to wear the item around their necks while contorting their face to its limits, The Sun reported.

The 20 weirdest sports, according to are:

20. Wheelchair rugby

19. Pillow fighting

18. Egg throwing

17. Parkour

16. Unicycle polo

15. Quidditch

14. Cheese rolling

13. Bossaball

12. Kabaddi

11. Outhouse racing

10. Underwater hockey

9. Chess boxing

8. Wife carrying

7. Football Zorbing

6. Dog surfing

5. Professional gurning

4. Extreme Ironing

3. Bog snorkelling

2. Mud-pit belly flop

1. Giant Pumpkin Kayaking