See who shone and who struggled in England's thrilling 20-18 victory over Tonga in their Rugby League World Cup semifinal.


1. William Hopoate - 7

Cracking 16th min tackle of Hodgson to save potential try. Put in a measured display with minimal mistakes.

2. Daniel Tupou - 4
Came off edge to allow McGillvary to waltz in for 1st try. Fell off 2nd try tackle. Butchered pass to miss try in 45th min.


3. Michael Jennings - 6
Gave away a key penalty in 63rd by taking Widdop in air on line. Challenged defenders when given sniff of space.

4. Konrad Hurrell - 8
Bruising commitment to gain metres. Thighs that looked like a couple of glazed Christmas hams jostling at pace.

5. David Fusitua - 7
Almost created space in 15th down touchline in sync with Hurrell. 31st min Smashed 'Em Bro contender on Bateman.

6. Tuimoala Lolohea - 7
Break in 15th min took Tonga within a metre of try. Tendency to push kicks a touch far. Always prodding defensive line.

7. Ata Hingano - 7
Worked in harmony with his runners the way the 30,000-strong Tongan-led choir hit their hymn notes.

8. Andrew Fifita - 7
Crabbed across field at times, shutting down space. Lost ball on line in 29th against English scourge. Great second wind.

9. Siliva Havili - 7
Darted out of dummy half like a North Korean defector in 74th min. Willing to play hot potato to keep game alive.

10. Sio Siua Taukeiaho - 7
Buried Graham in 13th min like he'd dug out a six-foot deep rectangle in the Mt Smart soil. Hard running offered impetus.

11. Manu Ma'u - 7
Appeared to take a stinger to the shoulder midway through 1st half. Applied himself as part of a tackling wall.

12. Sika Manu - 7
Would be wishing his team had profited like the manufacturer of Tongan flags this week. Showed courage regardless.

13. Jason Taumalolo - 7
Competed like Paea Wolfgramm at Atlanta 1996. There's honour in finishing with silver after his 77th min dash.

14. Sione Katoa - 7
15. Peni Terepo - 7
16. Tevita Pangai Junior - 7
17. Ben Murdoch-Masila - 7


1. Gareth Widdop - 9

Professional display on attack and defence. Slick pass to draw three and set McGillvary free in 11th min. Deserved second try.

2. Jermaine McGillvary - 7
Could've been wearing his Sunday best to score opening try without a hand laid on him. Mercurial in possession.

3. Kallum Watkins - 7
Munched on yardage and stayed resilient on right edge when composure was required in the final throes.

4. John Bateman - 7
A showing of measured discipline. What he lacked in flair, he made up for with dedication. Deserved pivotal try.

5. Ryan Hall - 6
Not as much work as he would like, but no major flaws to allow international league to fall off its axis.

6. Kevin Brown - 7
Linked well to give runners the best opportunity. Scrambled well when Tonga went troppo in final stanzas.

7. Luke Gale - 7
Seamless distribution. Passed with gutterboard champion accuracy. Bounced by Taumalolo as thriller unfolded.

8. Chris Hill - 7
Busy campaigner. Bobbed around in his red head gear shutting down the prospect of pesky line breaks.

9. Josh Hodgson - 6
Shot across park in 16th min like he was under spinnaker. Suffered a knee injury in premature end.

10. James Graham - 7
Fought back from an industrial scale winding from Taukeiaho in 13th. Picture a dagger plunged into a set of bagpipes.

11. Sam Burgess - 8
Steady and effective to ensure England got the basics right. The sort of display to tease out a Wayne Bennett grin.

12. Elliot Whitehead - 7
Nothing flashy. A meat, tatties and two vege showing that gave his side plenty of sustenance.

13. Sean O'Loughlin - 8
Leadership and enforcement exemplified English consistency. Tackled with avowed enthusiasm throughout.

14. Alex Walmsley - 7
15. Thomas Burgess - 8
16. Ben Currie - 7
17. James Roby - 7