Former CEO of New Zealand Rugby, David Moffett, has said the speculated joint Spark and TVNZ bid for rugby broadcasting would be phenomenal.

The former chief said if the consortium bid for rights to New Zealand Rugby fixtures went forward, things would get very interesting for New Zealand Rugby.

"It is going to be really interesting and I think New Zealand Rugby Union are going to be at a phenomenal place to maximise the value of the rugby properties," he told Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking.

Spark and TVNZ have reportedly discussed the joint bid to go forward when the fixtures are renewed following the 2020 season.


Moffett believed further companies could join the table of negotiations and Sky's potential loss of prime rugby rights is something he's predicted for several years.

"I don't think it's only going to be TVNZ and Spark putting together a bid I think Amazon and also Google, I've been saying this for several years now that with us all moving to streaming … that's the way people are going to be digesting their product in the future."

Spark and TVNZ tipped to bid for rugby rights

Moffet said his concern would be authenticity over the bottom-line and said things would need to change in order for that to be achieved.

"To get the most money it needs to be authentic and unfortunately at the moment things like super rugby are not authentic, it's mainly a development competition ... I tend to think that there is going to be an opportunity here for New Zealand to perhaps go alone or even with Australia."

Sky still appear to be the best-resourced to broadcast, but sources suggest an initial package could come in the form of a bid for the 2019 Rugby World Cup rights.