Immigration New Zealand are working on ways to allow Peruvian football fans to visit New Zealand for their World Cup playoff in Wellington next month.

It was reported in Peruvian media that Peru fans would be unable to attend the clash, due to New Zealand's visa process.

Peru is not part of the visa waiver program that allows citizens of many countries to travel freely to New Zealand without having to apply for a visa. Usually, it takes 20 working days to receive a visa, meaning they would have already missed the deadline to attend the clash on November 11.

However, Immigration New Zealand say they are trying to find a way around the issue.


"We are very aware of this issue and are actively working on ways to streamline the visa process to enable Peruvian football fans to come to New Zealand for the World Cup playoff," said Marc Piercey of Immigration New Zealand.

The fastest way fans can secure a visa is by applying for one online on the New Zealand Immigration Website. However, to activate the visa, they usually would have to send their passport to the nearest embassy, located in Washington D.C.

Piercey says Immigration New Zealand are exploring a different avenue.

"We are exploring the feasibility of waiving the requirement for fans to have to send their passport to our Washington office to speed up the process."

Peru qualified for the playoff against the All Whites on Wednesday after a 1-1 draw with Colombia.

Chile, who lost 3-0 to Brazil and missed out on qualification, are a part of the visa waiver program.

Had Chile scored one goal against Brazil, they would have climbed into the playoff spot to play the All Whites.

Sixty countries are a part of the visa waiver program, which first began in 1986.

El Commercio reported that official records showed around 450 Peruvians currently residing in New Zealand.

"We are not many Peruvians here but the enthusiasm is high," Patricia Rodríguez, a Peruvian who lives in Christchurch told the newspaper.

"We are already on the waiting list so we can buy tickets."

Ms Rodriguez said local Peruvians were really excited. "We're all getting organised to go to Wellington. What's more, several Peruvians living in Australia are also thinking of coming from Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney. You do not know the emotion and love for the shirt you breathe here, " she said.

"Having the team playing across the Pacific Ocean is mind-boggling. I would never have thought to be encouraging the selection from the other side of the planet."