A shocking new video has emerged of scandal-hit cricket star Ben Stokes appearing to mock the disabled son of model Katie Price.

The England vice-captain, 26, is already suspended by his country until further notice after his arrest over a brawl outside a nightclub in Bristol on Sunday night.

Now a Snapchat video has emerged of the father-of-two appearing to mimic Price's handicapped 15-year-old son, Harvey.

The cricket star and a friend filmed themselves repeating the c-word used by Harvey during an appearance of the Loose Women chat show last May.


Teenager Harvey, whose condition left him blind and with autism and ADHD, blurted out the term when he was asked how he dealt with Internet trolls who mocked him.

Harvey said used the word to describe the online bullies - with his outburst shocking the presenters of the show and TV viewers.

Asked by his 39-year-old glamour model mother what he would say to anyone who was horrible to him.

'Hello, you c****' Harvey replied, clearly not understanding the meaning of the expletive.
The use of the c-word on live TV led to many critics of 38 year old Price accusing her of exploiting her son after she refused to record the segment.

In an undated video clip obtained by MailOnline, Stokes and the unnamed friend stare into the camera, Stokes said: 'Harvey, what do you say when people are being mean ' before quickly adding Hello you c***'.

His friend repeated the phrase as they both burst into laughter.

The eight-second clip appears to have been filmed in a restaurant with either Stokes or his friend holding the mobile phone.

The Durham star, England's highest-paid cricketer, will not be considered for his country along with teammate Alex Hales following Stokes' arrest in the early hours of Monday following a brawl outside a nightclub.

The ECB took the decision was made after cricket bosses watched footage of the fight, in which Stokes threw up to 15 punches in a minute, this morning.

Stokes has now apologised to national team coaches over the incident and is said to be 'devastated, fragile and aware of the magnitude of what has happened'.

Meanwhile, it was claimed today that the fight was sparked when homophobic abuse was shouted at two gay men and Stokes and Hales went to their defence.

A friend told MailOnline: 'This guy was verbally abusing two gay men as Ben and Hales were walking past them. Ben can't stand homophobia and being the hot headed ginger he is stepped in and said to the guy, 'You can't say that'.

'Ben and Alex [Hales] were sticking up for them. The next thing they knew, they said, one of the men grabbed a bottle and went for them, swinging it at them.'

A barman said the group of men who clashed with Stokes were involved in an earlier confrontation.

He said he saw a group of men who verbally abused him and his friends in the same area, about an hour before Stokes got involved in a violent punch up.

Amantas, 20, who works at Steinbeck & Shaw, said, he believed these may have been the same group of men seen in images recorded on a cell phone by an acquaintance of a friend of his.

The Lithuanian said: 'I was walking down Park Street close to The Triangle [which is near the taxi rank where Stokes was arrested] when this group of lads approached us.

'They were really hyped up and they were trouble makers. They were judging our outfits and saying 'Oi Oi'. I can't remember what exact insults were used.

'There we're maybe five or six of them and they looked in their twenties. They were trying to take the piss out of the way that I looked. They were looking for a fight. But I wasn't and I had been drinking too.'

Police today confirmed they would be speaking to everyone involved in the fracas again in the coming days before a decision is taken on whether to charge Stokes.

A friend of Stokes, thought to be one-day star Hales, is heard repeatedly urging him to calm down but Stokes shoves him away so he can continue to throw punches.

A 27-year-old man suffered facial injuries and was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Stokes was arrested on suspicion of ABH and spent the night in a cell.

Stokes, who is set to marry the mother of his two children Clare Ratcliffe next month, was released but is still under investigation.

Stokes is no stranger to trouble and has battled to repair his reputation in recent years.

In 2013, he was sent home from an England Lions tour in Australia, along with teammate Matt Coles, for persistent late-night drinking.

England had to do without him at the 2014 World T20 after he punched a dressing-room locker in Barbados and broke his hand, and last year he appeared at Northallerton magistrates' court in North Yorkshire, having been convicted of speeding for a fourth time.

England coach Trevor Bayliss described the fallout of the incident involving Stokes and Hales as among the most difficult challenges of his career.

Both players must now await the findings the board's disciplinary committee and Avon and Somerset police.

Bayliss was asked how difficult the episode had been for him as a coach.

'It's right up there - probably in the top two I would have thought,' he said. 'It's very difficult for everyone involved, something that obviously we didn't want to go through and hope that we don't go through again.'