A former wrestling superstar has turned to social media for advice on whether or not to have sex - with his daughter.

According to The Sun, former WWE tag team and intercontinental champion Marty Jannetty allegedly posted on Facebook that he and his daughter Bianca have held off having sex but that they no longer will as a DNA test revealed she is, in fact, not his biological child.

The post, which no longer appears on Jannetty's timeline, stated: "Just did a DNA [test], she's NOT my daughter. We both held out of sex because you don't do that, but now we ain't."

Jannety, known for his excessive partying away from wrestling and his finishing move the "Showstopper", went on to describe Bianca as "F***IN HOTT" before asking wrestling fans for their advice, IB Times reported.


Accompanying the Facebook post was a picture of a brunette, thought to be in her 20s.

It is unknown whether Jannetty wrote the post himself or whether his account was hacked.

He didn't respond to The Sun's request for comment.

Earlier Facebook posts reportedly suggested the 57-year-old grappler only learned of Bianca's existence in 2014 and "immediately" decided to change his wild ways.

Jannetty is no stranger to controversy, having admitted to having his first sexual encounter with a niece or cousin when he was 12 years old, during an interview in 2013.

In July last year, Jannetty filed a lawsuit against WWE which alleged the company concealed the risks of traumatic brain injuries wrestlers could incur.

Jannetty was one-half of arguably the WWE's most popular tag team The Rockers, with Shawn Michaels.

Their partnership ended in the early 1990s when Michaels "threw Jannetty face-first through a shop window" in a dramatic TV insert.


Although Jannetty won the intercontinental championship in 1992, his solo-career gradually faded into obscurity, while Michaels would become a multiple world champion and one of the sport's most recognisable figures.

According to The Sun, Jannetty now hosts "Party With Marty" events around the US.

His "dilemma" follows less than 24 hours after another former wrestler's sensational claims.

Ric Flair, who famously nicknamed his penis "Space Mountain", on Wednesday said he regrets telling ESPN's 30 for 30 he slept with 10,000 women in a documentary to be aired in November.

Flair previously caused a storm by insisting he'd had sex with Hollywood star Halle Berry - a claim she denies.