Top Australian rally driver Brendan Reeves will attempt to compete in more New Zealand Rally Championship events.

Reeves won last month's Rally Coromandel for the second year running and is hoping to put together a drive for Rally New Zealand in November.

The Hyundai World Rally Team gravel crew driver even contemplated entering the New Zealand championship this year.

"At the start of the year I did actually consider doing the whole championship," the 29-year-old told The Herald. "I think it is more cost-effective than the Australian championship.


"I think New Zealand is a long way ahead of Australia in the way they have built up these AP4 cars, the distance between events and the shorter, compact events.

"Having some single day rallies is really good and cost effective. You can do the recce on the Friday afternoon and the rally on Saturday and I could be back home in Australia watching telly on a Sunday night.

"That is a great concept so the possibility is there."

Reeves has visited New Zealand on a number of occasions and loves the challenge of competing in what he describes as tougher competition than back home and on better roads.

"I'm always looking at New Zealand because they are some of the best roads in the world and fun to drive on.

"The ambition this year was to do as many rallies as I could in New Zealand.

"I've only done the one so far - the car was delayed a little bit - Andrew [car owner and builder Andrew Hawkeswood] has been busy building all these shells."

Reeves won't be a starter at Rally Waikato next month but is hoping to get a deal together to compete in Hawkeswood's AP4 Mazda 2, that he debuted at Coromandel, at Rally New Zealand.

"I could come over and drive it again or even possibly bring it to Rally Australia," Reeves said.

"You can put a car and land it in Auckland from Melbourne for about $3,000."

Meanwhile Reeves is interested in a full season in the NZRC at some point though it would seem unlikely for 2018.

"It is not crazy or out of the park too far to think about joining the championship but I don't see it happening soon."