Football boot names are getting a bit silly these days.

In simpler times, I remember purchasing adidas 'Copa Mundials', or 'World Cups', but today's busy boot designs tend to be matched with equally eccentric names.

And adidas' latest release have taken the cake. A pair of boots labelled 'Ocean Storm Colourway for NEMEZIZ 17+ 360 Agility' were delivered for review last month, and I
didn't know if I should wear them to training, or decode an encrypted cry for help.

The first test of any new boot is the 'team-mate reaction test', and the Ocean Storm Colourway for NEMEZIZ 17+ 360 Agility (NEMEZIZ from now on) mostly flew under the radar.


The eyebrows were raised slightly by a bloke sporting new boots to the team's penultimate training session, but the stripy, laceless-looking design didn't go un-noticed either.

The 'feel-test' was a mixed bag. The NEMEZIZ were super-light and comfortable, I initially felt like I could comfortably play a game in them from the box, but when I wore them to my second session I noticed a bit of unwanted friction on my heel.

The back edge of the boot rides a bit higher than previous adidas designs and I had to remove them halfway through the session due to blisters developing.

There are some fancy technical quirks to the boot which went a little over my head. The 360 Agility Bandage makes up the entire upper, and is a series of rubber bands inspired by medical taping.

The bio reads: 'Designed to enhance the performance of the game's most agile players, NEMEZIZ is inspired by the idea of 'taping'; a process used commonly in sport to deliver security, support and adaptability.'

I am one of the game's least agile players, but have enjoyed a lot of 'taping' in my time, so perhaps I'm a 50% match for adidas' target demographic.

Lionel Messi wears them.
Lionel Messi wears them.

The elasticated nature means that the upper can be made entirely without laces on the 17+ version. I have never worn a pair of laceless boots and didn't really want to start at the tail end of my career, so was happy adidas sent the laced 17.1 version, 'for those who like to keep it old school'.

The laceless design
The laceless design

When you put the boots on you can feel how the material wants to compress and tighten for a personal and wrapped fit.


The boot is designed for the serious footballer with a retail price of $500 and is worn by the likes of Leo Messi, Roberto Firmino and Julian Draxler.

The 'agile', fashionable kids would probably love them, but I think I'm better suited to a pair of classic Copa Mundials.

What: Ocean Storm Colourway for NEMEZIZ 17+ 360 Agility
How much: $NZD 500
Short summary: Super light, stylish, scientifically-advanced design. Moulds to foot well, few breaking in issues.
Rating: 3.5/5