There were no prizes for guessing where Snoop Dogg's loyalties lay after the megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

The rapper is a long-time friend of Mayweather and celebrated his fellow American's victory over McGregor in an appropriately coarse fashion.

He was recently hired by the UFC as a co-commentator on UFC boss Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series - and is technically McGregor's colleague.

Snoop posted an expletive-laden video to his Instagram account after Mayweather's win in Las Vegas on Sunday, hailing the victor's undefeated 50-0 career record and dishing out a fair bit of abuse to his amateur opponent.


"Fifty-and-O, n*****," Snoops begins in the video. "The m*****-f****** champ, n*****. Fifty-and-O.

"F*** that m*****-f****** punk-a** McGregor. You b****. F*** him. M*****-f****** champ, n*****. Yeah, n*****.

"That's what you get for coming to a m*****-f****** gang fight with a butter knife, you b**** a** m*****-f*****. F*** you, n*****.

"Money Team champ, n*****. Where the party at, Floyd?"

After a brief interlude to welcome a "honey" walking by, Snoop appeared to have had a change of heart and offered the Irishman some praise.

"McGregor's a bad m*****-f*****, though. I'll give him this - he got heart. He got heart."

McGregor's heart was enough for him to take Mayweather to the 10th round of the so-called 'fight of the century', before the referee stopped the fight and the veteran boxer was awarded a TKO victory over the mixed-martial arts champion.

Not everyone took kindly to Snoop's post, with a number of followers - including UFC fighter Alan Jouban - calling for him to be fired by White.