French sailing great Bruno Trouble has slammed Russell Coutts' running of the America's Cup saying the Kiwi's plans to stage the event every two years was 'vulgar'.

Trouble, a member of the America's Cup Hall of Fame, has also heavily criticised the latest America's Cup regatta won by Team New Zealand in Bermuda but is confident under Grant Dalton's control, the event will change for the better.

Speaking to, the three-time America's Cup entrant didn't hold back on his disapproval of Coutts' future plans for the event which were quashed when Oracle Team USA lost the America's Cup.

"This is why I am so critical of Russell Coutts, willing to transform the myth to a vulgar, two-year sailing circuit. Now the Cup is in New Zealand. The Kiwis will obviously fix it. They know how to do it. It is not a matter of boats - monohulls or cats - it is a matter of respect to all those people who fought for the pride of their countries over the 116 years of the Cup, Troublé told


Sailing legend Bruno Trouble's open letter to New Zealand

"Winning the America's Cup in 1851 was for the young Americans the symbol of their birth as a nation. It was an achievement which is still remembered in America's history. Coutts and co do not realize, even if they have won it several times, that it is not a sailing event but a matter of pride for a nation. It is well above sailing!

"There were some good ideas in Bermuda, but it was not the America's Cup. There was absolutely no link and no reference to the extreme richness of the America's Cup. They stole the label and did not respect the content," Trouble added.

Trouble had a few suggestions of how to fix the America's Cup and was confident Team New Zealand would make the right calls for the 2021 event.

"It is quite simple," Trouble said about the next America's Cup in Auckland.

"The Deed of Gift tells us the Cup is a 'friendly competition amongst nations'. Keep that sentence in mind: restore the nationality rule, make participation easy (no beach cats and no huge boats with 40 crew members), make sure the boats are spectacular in all conditions."