Should Blues, Chiefs, Hurricanes and Highlanders fans back the Crusaders in the Super Rugby final on Sunday?

Radio Sport's Martin Devlin doesn't think so.

"This is franchise professional rugby. We don't care you're from New Zealand," Devlin, a Hurricanes fans, said in a video posted on the Devlin Radio Show Facebook page.

Devlin's view that fans shouldn't support rival teams in a final brought some mixed responses. Majority on fans say they are open to the idea of backing the Crusaders to keep the trophy in New Zealand.


"Treasonous behaviour Devlin. NZ always come first even if they are Cantabs," one commenter responded.

"Any kiwi that is going for the lions this weekend. Needs to give themselves a uppercut. Talk about tall poppy syndrome this is a New Zealand rugby team vs a South African rugby team," another fan commented.

"I don't usually support the Crusaders but would rather see the trophy stay in nz than go elsewhere," said a new Crusaders fan.

On Sunday, defeated Hurricanes captain Dane Coles revealed he's not backing some of his All Blacks teammates to lift the title. Following Sunday's semifinal defeat in Johannesburg, the All Blacks hooker admitted in a television interview he was backing the Lions to win their maiden title.

A few fans on the Devlin Radio Show Facebook page were shunning the Crusaders.

"Lions, Lions! I could never ever support the Crusaders!," one fan said.

"Lions fan for the week," said another.