Who would begrudge Team NZ's victorious team members for waking up today as champions - and with a splitting headache.

New footage of inside the America's Cup winners' after-party reveals the most Kiwi-as of celebrations: including a drinking game using sponsor Steinlager's beer - and what appears to be a culinary challenge of pies and lamingtons.

Team NZ's foil trimmer Blair Tuke appears to have claimed victory in the drinking game - watched by cheering friends and family members - in the race to skull a beer, eat a pie (there's lamingtons on the table too) and then jumping back on a bike (as if they haven't done enough cycling during this competition).

Team NZ helmsman Peter Burling had his own take on the classic bloke's Kiwi party manoeuvre - chugging a beer while belting out the words to the Dance Exponents' Victoria.


Meanwhile, the morning after the night before, Team NZ skipper Glenn Ashby told Newstalk ZB that he and his colleagues were feeling slightly weary today.

Ashby told Rachel Smalley that the team was regrouping before it packs up the boat and heads home after a taxing campaign.

"It has been immensely draining on a lot of the guys and myself and I am very much looking forward to having a cup of a tea and a lie down."

Ashby said changes are on the cards as they look to move the sport forward.

"We are sort of just in a position now to talk about this sort of stuff.

"A lot of things will be discussed over the next two, three, four weeks."