No surprises that it was Jimmy Spithill that finally got the niggle meter moving.

With Oracle Team USA now excusing themselves from the challenger series because, well, they're not a challenger, today was Spithill's last press conference appearance for a couple weeks. He made sure he left a strong impression.

Spithill once again played up to the Kiwi media, mostly because he's still waiting for the US media to show up, gleefully outlining Team New Zealand's troubles and track record of errors in the event so far.

He then went and stole Peter Burling's thunder by revealing who Team NZ had selected to face in this week's semifinals. Not cool! You could tell Burling was desperately looking forward to delivering the news himself.


"I'll miss you guys," said Spithill before he departed the stage for the last time until the America's Cup match.

The niggle meter will miss you too, Jimmy.