Legendary Kiwi racer Greg Murphy is like a kid with a new toy having made the move to rallying this year.

Murphy made his fulltime New Zealand Rally Championship debut in a Holden Barina AP4 car at Rally Whangarei a fortnight ago and is fizzing about the experience despite crashing out on the first day.

The four-time Bathurst winner made a slight error and went off the road midway through the first day and was forced to watch for the remainder of the event - something that was easier said than done.

"It is bloody disappointing when you make a mistake and you are limited by that mistake," Murphy told herald.co.nz.


"There is so much to learn, there is so much potential.

"I have never been out saying I could be a rally champion or anything - I am doing this because I want to have a go, have some fun and be part of it.

"I made a mistake and I will remember that for a while."

The second event on the domestic rally calendar didn't yield great results for Murphy or his Penny Homes teammate Josh Marston, who retired early on the second day with mechanical failure.

Despite getting little to show for their work Murphy is buoyed by the speed the cars showed.

"Our cars have a lot of potential - we are limited by money and resources and those kinds of things," Murphy said.

"Some of it is going to take a bit of time unfortunately.

"We are excited about where we are going to go and what potential we have."

The pair will line-up in three weeks at Lone Star Rally of Canterbury and are hoping for improved results.

"I know Josh is really excited about Canterbury, as I am, because I have actually driven on some of those roads whereas Whangarei was the first time there for me.

"Josh had a few dramas with his car and we have been ironing those out."