Warriors star Kieran Foran's former partner Rebecca Pope has reportedly hired a defamation lawyer to help put an end to online abuse after being the subject of offensive rumours on social media.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Pope, the mother of Foran's two young children, has sought legal assistance to shut down online trolls and has spoken about the toll false rumours about their relationship have had on her and the kids.

Pope, who resides on Sydney's northern beaches, was last year falsely accused of having had an affair with a former teammate of Foran's and the subject of a subsequent rumour questioning the paternity of one of the couple's children.

The rumours were given life by Sydney radio host Jackie O before she was forced to issue an on-air apology to Foran and Pope last May, after the pair initiated legal action against the Australian Radio Network.


The effect of the rumours has been lasting however, with the damage being felt by Pope, Foran and some of his former teammates.

The rumours surfaced again over the past week with Pope coming under fire once more following confirmation Foran will leave the Warriors to join the Canterbury Bulldogs next season.

The Sydney Morning Herald obtained a statement from Pope detailing her struggles to cope with abusive online comments and the effect it is having on her young family.

"Over the past year I have endeavoured to stay out of the media out of respect for my children, but there comes a point when enough is enough, when I can no longer just turn a blind eye to the malicious messages and comments made about myself and my son," Pope's statement reads.

"The statement broadcast on the Kyle and Jackie O Show last April gave imputations of infidelity and questioned the paternity of Kieran and my son. These statements could not be any further from the truth. They are truly appalling.

"My son and I are being affected by these defamatory comments online on a weekly basis and it's been extremely upsetting to deal with.

"The reason I am making this statement is because I'm thinking of my son's future. He does not deserve to read such hurtful and disgusting lies. Both Kieran and I love him dearly."

Foran yesterday scored the opening try and led the way for the Warriors as they established a 28-6 halftime lead before a second-half collapse saw them lose 36-28 to Penrith.