An excited Miami Marlin's fan did her best to distract players and viewers during Wednesday night's St. Louis Cardinal's game at Marlins Park.

Just as a Marlins player was getting ready to bat, a young woman tried to distract the Cardinals pitcher by pulling down her jersey and shaking her breasts.

Sitting behind home plate, she pulled her shirt down, exposing significant cleavage in between pitches while Christian Yelich was at the plate.

The entire incident was caught on television camera and witnessed by thousands who were watching the game at home and in bars.


The slightly bemused man sitting to the right of the women was Andy Slater, a talk show host for sports radio station 940-AM WINZ based in Miami.

He tweeted: "Turned a quadruple play tonight with an assist from @Marlins_Man" referring to the man who brought the young women along to the game, Laurence Leavy, also known as the Marlins Man.

The woman who pulled down her top was part of a group of women known as 'the Mermaids' who often accompany Leavy to Marlin's games to create a spectacle.

Leavy is often spotted wearing his garish orange jersey sitting right behind home plate and will sometimes bring other spectators (including eye-catching women) along with him.

The 61-year-old principal of a Miami law firm has gained national attention in recent years for his ability to land the best seats at the biggest sporting events, usually within direct view of television cameras.

Last month, at a Mets-Marlins game which dragged on for 16 innings and lasted well over five hours, Leavy was able steal the show yet again.

Sitting in the front row decked out in his bright orange shirt he was outshined by the beautiful women sitting either side of him.

Another group of pretty women were present on Wednesday night's game in Miami.

Sitting behind home plate he knew full well that his presence along with the lovely ladies could prove a distraction for both the pitcher and those who were watching the game at home.

Leavy has become a familiar fixture over the years.

On one occasion in 2015, he was asked by Kansas City Royals owner if he would switch into a blue jersey instead to reduce the distraction his orange jersey may cause, but Leavy declined.

But it was Wednesday night's appearance of breasts on live TV that made this particular moment one to remember.