Fallen Kiwis captain Jesse Bromwich drank so much alcohol he has no memory about the cocaine snorting incident following the league test in Canberra.

Bromwich has issued the standard apology to everyone for "the poor choices I made", quitting as Kiwi skipper and removing himself from the Melbourne Storm leadership group. He has also donated his $20,000 test match fee to charity.

Storm chief executive Dave Donaghy said: "Jesse's knowledge or recollection of that evening are quite hazy at this stage. Clearly there was a number of players that partook in far too much alcohol which is a concerning matter in itself.

"His recollection of the evening, he is somewhat unsure of. What he does admit to is consuming far too much alcohol and putting himself in a position of risk.


"His recollection of what's been made headline news the last 24 hours is quite limited."
Donaghy told news.com.au that drug and alcohol use/problems in the NRL simply reflected those in society, but he wants more testing of players.

Fellow test forward Kevin Proctor, who along with Bromwich was caught on a CCTV camera snorting a white powder, has quit the Gold Coast Titans co-captaincy.

"I have never failed a drug test and I'm so sorry I've let everyone down by losing control by drinking too much,'' Proctor said.

Bromwich has been suspended for two games by the Storm while Proctor is to appear before his club's board.