For the second week in a row only senior, senior reserve and second-grade netball will be played in Christchurch due to the amenities not being up to code.

More than 500 teams were scheduled to play on Saturday, but now only 48 teams could because The Atrium has not been issued a certificate of public use.

The Atrium has toilets, a kitchen, a physio room and areas for teams to use.

The city council says it has not received "sufficient evidence" to be satisfied the building, used by about 5000 players, was safe for public occupancy.


City council consenting and compliance general manager Leonie Rae said in addition, the building did not have a current building warrant of fitness.

She said city council staff had been actively working with Christchurch Netball Centre since February 8 to achieve either a certificate for public use, or a code of compliance certificate.

"The council will be in a position to consider issuing a certificate for public use or a code compliance certificate upon receiving sufficient evidence to be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building is safe for public occupancy."

But Christchurch Netball Centre netball manager Megan McLay said the delays were due to minor unfinished earthquake repairs.

She said the repairs were delayed due to the poor weather.

"The contractors have worked really hard, but like most earthquake repairs, sometimes they run past when they were supposed to be completed."

She said with the building closed, there would be too many people for the current services to cope with.

"I can't have over 5000 players with only two portaloos, and physio working out of a container," she said.

She said they did it last week and it worked well with just the seniors, senior reserves and second-grade teams only.

She hoped the certificate could be issued in time for next week's games.

Star Canterbury