Joseph Parker can box, but he's a box office dud.

That's the verdict from a leading British boxing analyst and promoter, Spencer Fearon, following Anthony Joshua's win over Wladimir Klitschko in one of the great heavyweight contests at Wembley.

The Kiwi boxer is part of a resurgent heavyweight boxing scene, with Joshua now the closest thing to an undisputed world champion even though the unification process is not complete. So what comes next?

While Parker may have the boxing credentials, the controversial Tyson Fury would present another huge payday for Joshua. Dillian Whyte - who fights Pole Mariusz Wach in June - is another tempting opponent for an all-British contest, Fearon said.


While Fearon didn't say as much, the obvious path for Parker to get more notice would be to defeat American Deontay Wilder as part of the unification process while Hughie Fury - who pulled out of his Auckland match against Parker - is also in the mix.

Listen: Spencer Fearon on the Radio Sport Breakfast

"The British public don't really know Joseph Parker," Fearon told the Radio Sport Breakfast.

"The boxing purists know Joseph Parker but the casual fans don't know him. Sky TV showed his last fight against Andy Ruiz and that was close.

"But there was a changing of the guard. Anthony Joshua is the heavyweight champion of the world, because of the performance he put in.

"We're not really that interested in Joseph Parker, but if that's the fight that is made available we'll try to make that because Joseph Parker is a very good fighter. But what you saw yesterday was very special."

There is talk of a Joshua-Klitschko re-match, which the Englishman is open to, while the Ukrainian is assessing his future. Fearon hopes Klitschko retires.

"Fair play to both men how they behaved...they saved it all for the ring. It was an incredible fight," Fearon said.

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"I would like to see Klitschko retire now. Speaking to the great Lennox Lewis today, he was surprised that he didn't throw any body shots at all. He must be kicking himself right now. He was winning that fight, Joshua needed to do something spectacular to save that fight.

"But what else does he need to prove, you've got a beautiful partner, millions in the bank, do something like your brother has done. Get into politics or something - he's a bright guy.

"Right now everyone is talking about Joshua and Tyson Fury. As you know Tyson Fury has personal problems going on and will take a little while to get into shape. But that would be an ultra mega, mega fight.

"It's about eight months before he could get into shape so he's out of the picture. I could see Joseph Parker getting a shot at AJ or vice versa since it is a unification fight."

American WBC champ Deontay Wilder has repeated his plea for a fight against Kiwi Parker, the WBO champion.

"I want to get Joseph Parker, I want to get that WBO belt,' Wilder told the Daily Mail.

"If I have a mandatory I have to get rid of, then I get rid of them. Then at the end of the year or maybe next year, a big unification fight, a mega fight, with Anthony Joshua.

"My next step is a fight with Joseph Parker. When I get that done, if that comes early, I'm prepared. I must obtain that belt first, so I can bring that belt to the table as well and we can have a mega unification bout.

"That would be the best thing for the division right now. The division is so hot right now and it would take it to the next step, if we had only one champion to run the world.

"The baddest man on the planet, one guy, one name, one face. all the titles, to represent all the world.'

Joshua said: "I have the ultimate respect for what he (Klitschko) has achieved inside and outside of the ring. I wouldn't mind fighting him again; if he wants a rematch no problem."

But the 41-year-old Klitschko is taking stock.

"I am not going to consider anything or be making any statements right now," he said.

"It's too early; I actually feel pretty good, considering I lost. I will take my time. I have a rematch clause in the contract, which I can execute at certain times. If I'm going to fight it'll be a rematch, of course."